Plan your trip

If you decide to travel to Robe by car, there are 3 main highways that’ll take you there. One goes from Adelaide, next one from Horsham and one from Melbourne. We recommend you to explore Robe SA by car. There is so many things to see and experience and without a car you would probably missed out on many of those. But said that, coming on a bus and experiencing the wineries, local arts and fresh seafood isn’t any less exciting. Well, we leave it up to you, we hope you’ll enjoy your stay.


From Adelaide

If you travel from Adelaide side, you can do so via The Murray River or The Fleurieu Peninsula. Both of these routes offer excellent views and many great spots to have break and revive. via The Murray River Most direct … More

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From Melbourne

If you travel from Melbourne you have so many different options to choose from, all depending on your taste. There are 3 main routes we would recommend. The first one would be via The Great Ocean road, one of the … More

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From Other Places

If you travel from any other places, please use this section which uses google maps to find the best route to Robe SA. Fill in your starting point in the field bellow and click “Find the route”. You’ll be redirected … More

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