BodyTune Health Care

Location: 11 Tobruk Avenue, Robe SA 5276,
Phone: 0887682537 Fax: 08 87 682 537 Mobile: 0407 978 335
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Are you needing a tune-up?

Reduce aching muscles and feelings of tiredness and lethargy.

Feel more positive and energetic.

Think clearly. Learn more easily.

Get off the emotional roller coaster ride. Use holistic techniques to decrease feelings of depression, control habits/phobias and improve behaviour management.

Training and development opportunities for you and your team.

Brain Gym® 101: 9am- 5pm in Robe when you are ready

January 11-14th in Hindmarsh, Adelaide

Call me as I can come to your venue.

Brain Gym®Introductory Day: 9am- 5pm

December 5th Murray Bridge

January 11th Hindmarsh

January 16th Seacombe Heights, Adelaide

Switched on Selling: July 23-24 Adelaide

Jan 30-31 in Robe

Switched on Network Marketing: July 23-24 Adeaide

Jan 30-31 in Robe

Reiki 1 in Robe: whenever you are ready

Contact Heather if you are interested in courses/ workshops: 0407 978 335

BodyTune Health Care is dedicated to providing stress management naturally for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well being.

Heather provides individual bodywork or goal setting sessions, and workshops and courses for personal development, educational, sporting and business groups.

Balance the body holistically:

Massage, kinesiology, acupressure, myofascial, EFT, Reiki, crystals & more..

benefits of massage

o Improves circulation and nutrition of the tissues

o Improves muscle tone

o Helps alleviate stresses of daily life

o Relieves muscle tension and relaxes muscle spasm

o Relaxes the mind so things are put into proper perspective

o Relieves emotional tension

o Creates feeling of calmness

o Revitalises and creates a feeling of wellbeing

doTerra oils used and available for purchase

Pamper parties available

Jin Shin Acupressure

O uses finger pressure on key acupuncture points to balance the meridians and functions of the body. At least two points are held together at the same time.

O promotes emotional stability and reawakens the joy of living.

O relaxes muscular tension and balances vital life forces of the body.

O allows the energy to circulate freely.

Myofascial Release techniques are

o hands on healing that releases tension in the fascia, a tough connective tissue that covers muscles, bones, nerves, organs and blood vessels down to the cellular level

o performed to reduce the restriction of the fascia, which can cause pain and malfunction throughout the body

o used to improve physical and emotional functioning

Reiki helps promote

o Wellbeing, balance and healing

o Increased energy levels

o Stress release

Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 workshops are available for small groups. Ask for a time convenient for you.

Educational Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a non-invasive yet powerful method enabling you to obtain a clear sense of self and balance. Kinesiology is a study of movement and the muscles in the body and how they act and react when stressed. It helps you understand how the left and right hemispheres function.

Brain Gym101® is the basis of this work- 26 specific movements, repatterning techniques and goal setting strategies to improve communication, organisation and emotional stability, and focus and comprehension skills.

Advanced Edu-K techniques include

*balancing in seven dimensions of learning and assisting in dealing with the cause of an issue.

* assisting you in letting go of habits of stress or compensation that have been built into the physiology often through early learning experiences

* 32 movements for vision

* sensory integration techniques

* childhood and life-long reflexes integrated

* cellular memory cleared

* brain organisational profile

Denial, safety and personal boundaries, sabotage, pain, clear thinking, behaviour and many other complications in an individual's life can be addressed.

Kinesiology Workshops available:

Brain Gym® 101: 9am- 5pm 

A 4 day personal development course (can be done one or two days at a time)

This course is a pre-requisite for the following 3 day courses: 

Visioncircles TM

Optimal Brain Organization TM

Two day Kinesiology Workshops available for businesses:


Switched-On-Network MarketingTM

Team goal setting-personalised for your team!

For more information Call Heather 08 87682537.

Are you interested in removing toxins from your body and home and being more environmentally friendly?

*Enjoy the Q2 detoxifying footbath

*Order a shower filter to remove chlorine smell from your shower

* variety of products available - see below:

Heather is an independent distributor for these products:

ONE Group range of certified organic and organic probiotic, personal, hair, skin care and cosmetics

4Life transfer factors support the immune system, essential fatty acids and more...   

pure doTerra oils available 

Tri Nature cleaning and personal care

Nature Sunshine shower filter and herbal products

 Hayfever? eg. Eyebright for gritty eyes 

Lifewave patches work on the acupuncture system for energy, sleep, pain & weight management

Sun Ancon Machine- great for lymphoma


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